Windsor FC Nationals Unveil New Logo!

WFCN-LogoThe Windsor FC Nationals are pleased to unveil a bold, new logo.

“We had been searching for a more modern, meaningful design over the last few years,” said Justin Carvalho, the club’s Vice President. “It was important to maintain certain aspects that reflect the ongoing vision of the club, which is to provide young athletes in our community the opportunity to develop as soccer players and upstanding citizens of our community.”

Some of those design elements include the prominent use of the club’s nickname, Nationals, and the maple leaf. “These elements reflect our success and continued plan of developing more players for our country’s national team program, as well as leaders in our Canadian community,” Carvalho stated. The logo also include two stars which represent the club’s two provincial championships.

The logo was designed by Sean Hirst, whose son plays with the club. “For this project, I was fortunate to be working with Sean, who volunteered his time to help us,” continued Carvalho. “When he came to us with some ideas, we played around with them and bounced ideas back to him. We are extremely pleased with the result, and I hope this new logo will help to continue inspiring our talented young players.”

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